Magic Blog | The magician João Soares talks about magic and ilusionism

I was 12 years old. I was only a kid at the time, but with some dreams I thought I would come to realize them someday. I remember the day I told my mother one of my dreams. Be magical! She was stunned, but at the same time radiant.

It was then, from that day on that I began to be interested in this art, that in my head, there was still so much to learn and at the same time to decipher.

At the age of 13, I took my big step, which I still consider today, the launching pad for everything that has arisen in these years. I entered a magic school, a pioneer in the country. I remember it as if it were today. I had classes every Monday and Wednesday. And whenever I got home I had something new to present, even though I did not have the proper training, I wanted to try and prove to my whole family that, one day, I might become a magician. The school was constituted by 3 levels, concluding the course already with 15 years of age.

But the big day arrived, I received a proposal to act in a marriage, something that had never happened. To act for people I did not know and had never seen scared me a lot. Knowing how they would react and to what extent I could surprise them, created a Anxiety within me that I can not even explain today.

It went quite well, and contacts began to emerge for more performances.

After a few months I was invited to go to RTP to present my work. I was completely nervous and just wanted to go in and see how my performance would go. The feedback was perfect.

So I decided to take a chance and sign up for Got Talent Portugal and see how much I could surprise. I wanted, once again, to show all my family and friends that I was within reach of the challenge. I had never had anything similar, and I was only 16 years old. The truth is that I do not even believe in the achievement that was to reach the semi-final of the program. Even today is the greatest achievement of my career.

Now, at the age of 18, I have the ambition to continue to amaze Portugal and the world.

I have performed more than 100 shows all over the country and I am very proud of it! Thank you.