Magic Blog | The magician João Soares talks about magic and ilusionism

Magic João Soares giving his advice to novices

Hello everyone, this theme is certainly the most complex to talk about and help.

In my opinion, we should above all love this art, as much or more than ourselves. Be persistent, do not give up, fight despite all the differences that come our way.

We do not need to start early, with 10 or 11 years. Any time or age we can achieve this dream. From various books, youtube, magic conferences or even magic clubs are all great choices to get you started.

Taking my personal example, I started at the age of 13 at the pioneer magic school in Oporto, and it is undoubtedly a great launching pad for learning all about this wonderful art.

But I barely finished the magic school, I came across the biggest problem of all. How to make people know my work? Undoubtedly, it is not easy, because despite our skills and knowledge, nobody believes in us and gives us the right value.

But I NEVER gave up, I started by creating a page on facebook and making videos every week showing my work.

And about a month later the feedback was fantastic and I had my first job as a magician. I came to the conclusion that it was a great opportunity to prove to everyone that I had the potential and decided to find a way to get my work out to everyone. I created some magic cards and began to deliver to all the guests. And from there the word-of-mouth began to work.

But as everyone knows for us to reach a mass audience, we have to enter the television world. It took me a long time to get it. I spent days and days sending e-mails to everything that was Portuguese channels, and from so persistent there I got to go to a program of the morning of RTP.

That is why it is the municipality that I try to pass on to you, who like this area and have a dream similar to mine, never give up and believe that today, they can take a "no", but tomorrow it does grow and mature to the point After a while the "yes" appears.

Thank you!